The Regenerative Woman Clinic offers regenerative solutions to some of the most challenging and universal conditions women face.

Our range of regenerative treatment options now includes the exclusive new gynaecological treatment Lipogems. This treatment has now been used and applied successfully to treat over 30,000 patients in orthopaedics and aesthetics. We now have the expertise to launch Lipogems as a gynaecological regenerative treatment, this is offered exclusively by The Regenerative Clinic as an exciting alternative to traditional gynaecological solutions.

The Menopause

Just as with aging there comes a time where all women face the unavoidable fact of the menopause. For many women this natural process is a time or great anxiety and often distress stemming from the various symptoms that accompany it. The menopause specifically refers to that time in every woman’s life with her ovaries lose their reproductive function which can also bring with is a wide range of menopausal miseries including hot flushes, depression, vaginal dryness, itchiness, soreness and pain during sex. For each woman the experience of the menopause is extremely personal however it is estimated that over 40% of menopausal women will experience symptoms related to vaginal atrophy.


The Lipogems technology has been widely applied in other aspects of medicine, treating over 30,000 patients worldwide for a variety of different conditions including arthritis and anti-aging. At the Regenerative Woman Clinic regenerative cells found in adipose (fat) tissue are harvested and injected into the vaginal area by a gynaecologist to encourage cell reparation and rejuvenation. An additional advantage of the procedure is that the fat is harvested from an area in which there is an adequate storage of healthy fat cells, usually the stomach. For many women this means a flatter stomach in addition to an alleviation of a variety of vaginal symptoms.

Other Applications

The regenerative powers of Lipogems also has extremely effective applications in Aesthetics and Orthopaedics. Lipogems can be used as a powerful anti-ageing treatment whereby processed adipose cells are injected into the facial area by an expert plastic surgeon to regenerate and restore natural volume that has been lost due to the ageing process. The treatment is ideal for facial rejuvenation providing a natural facelift with minimum downtime. Similarly Lipogems can also be used to optimise healing and treat a wide range of joint and spinal injuries including arthritis, sports injuries and other degenerative treatments including osteoarthritis. The treatments has already helped over 30,000 patients worldwide and has had simply life changing results.

Now, there are a number of effective and minimally invasive treatment options available for women to alleviate the symptoms of the menopause without risking the side effects of synthetic hormone therapy. For some women the perplexing dilemma surrounding the symptoms of the menopause can start as early as in their 30’s and for others not until their 60’s however with recent developments in regenerative medicine the Regenerative Woman Clinic are able to offer a range of highly effective treatments that harness the natural restorative power of your own cells.

Regenerative medicine relies on the body’s capacity to repair damaged cells through the stimulation of new cell growth and the ability to stimulate damaged cells to repair themselves. The overwhelming success of such methods in other fields of medicine combined with a greater understanding of the power of adipose tissue as an enabler of cell regeneration has encouraged the increase in applications.

Most current treatments focus on the management of symptoms however Lipogems will not only mitigate the degenerative changes and associated symptoms but will also have a long lasting effect, restoring the natural health of the vagina and can provide women with greater confidence and renewed pleasure in sex.

The Regenerative Woman Clinic offers regenerative solutions to some of the most challenging and universal conditions women face.

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The Lipogems procedure has been highly effective and the results have been extensively researched. Please click here to see a selection of just some of the clinical papers for more information on the healing power of adipose tissue. You can also read our patient testimonials here to see how women with a wide variety of different symptoms have benefitted from the treatment. To find out how the treatment could help you why not make an appointment with one of our specialist gynaecologists to discuss your treatment options in more detail. Call 0203 397 0200 for more information.

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