Lipogems Adipose Tissue Therapy is when small amounts of adipose (fatty) tissue is taken from areas of the body such as the stomach or flanks, processed then injected into the vaginal canal by our specialist gynaecologists. This treatment is ideal for alleviating symptoms associated with the menopause in addition to other post-menopausal and pregnancy symptoms such as incontinence and labial tears with a minimal recovery time.

Untreated, these conditions can cause debilitating pain, even when carrying out normal everyday tasks. The Lipogems® procedure may, in some cases, be an appropriate medical alternative to orthopaedic surgery. And even when surgery is necessary, Lipogems® may still be beneficial in improving post-operative healing.

The entire Lipogems procedure can be completed in a few hours, including the harvesting and processing of the cells and the series of vaginal injections. The treatment is a day case procedure, carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation and you will be free to leave the hospital the same day.

Unlike traditional gynaecological treatments aimed at managing symptoms Lipogems provides a minimally invasive alternative to restore vaginal health. Lipogems may be suitable for you if:

  • You are looking for a natural solution to cure vaginal itching and dryness
  • You are looking for a minimally invasive, long term solution
  • You wish to avoid HRT and use your own cells to restore a normal balance and find new confidence
The recovery time is minimal with the majority of women experiencing a significant improvement in symptoms within a matter of weeks. We monitor our patient’s progress closely and each patient is followed up by our gynaecologist at 6 weeks, 6 months and every 6 months following.

What’s Involved?

You’ll be introduced to the plastic surgeon and radiologist who will carry out the treatment. You will also meet one of our team of physiotherapists who will help you to prepare for the procedure.

Is the treatment right for me?

Lipogems® adipose tissue therapy harnesses this natural repair process to treat pain and inflammation.

What our patients say

Lipogems ® is a new and innovative treatment that has now helped over 30,000 patients worldwide. The treatment has simply life changing results view our patient testimonials to find out more. 

Lipogems® adipose tissue stem cell therapy is when small amounts of fatty (adipose) tissue are taken from areas of the body, such as the stomach or thighs.

As we age our skin becomes rougher and loses elastic tissue causing the skin to hang loosely. Loss of fat below the skin in different parts of the face can lead to loose skin and sunken eyes.

But we can take steps to assist skin in staying young and healthy throughout our lifetime using the healing power of fat. Lipogems® facial rejuvenation will restore volume and improve skin tone making your appearance fresher and brighter.

Healing power of fat

Fat plays a number of roles in our body, including how we heal. Studies carried out over many years have explored this healing potential, which was recognised as early as World War 1, when fat was used to speed up the healing of soldiers’ wounds.

Fat as part of a balanced diet is essential for our health and has many benefits alongside providing energy, including cushioning the joints and repairing damaged tissues.

The advantages of using fat to help with healing include:

  • There is plenty of fat in the body
  • You are looking for a minimally invasive, long term solution
  • Fat contains cells that help to heal damaged tissue
  • Research has shown that, no matter how old you are, fat is still able to retain its healing properties

How does it work?

The cells that are stored in your own body fat (or adipose tissue) are able to respond to problems in other areas of the body that are causing pain or dysfunction, providing natural ‘tools’ to help with healing. Your cells can help to:
  • Repair damaged tissue (for example, after an injury or operation)
  • Speed up tissue growth and regeneration
  • Reduce inflammation, helping tissues to heal more quickly
  • Improve blood flow by creating new blood vessels
  • Reduce areas of internal or external scarring

Lipogems® and MSCs by the ‘father of the mesenchymal stem cell’

Professor Caplan is widely regarded as the ‘father of the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). In this video, aimed primarily at healthcare professionals, he explains that MSCs are really ‘natural drug stores’ for sites of tissue damage. Talking enthusiastically about the Lipogems® process – invented by Professor Tremolada – and the results/clinical outcomes that are being achieved, Professor Caplan explains how the Lipogems® process enables MSCs, taken from your own fatty tissue, to be injected directly into sites of tissue damage, so boosting their local presence and aiding recovery. Professor Caplan is convinced that MSC technology will change the way medicine is practised. A naturally occurring ‘product’ rather than a drug, he describes how MSCs have the entire human geno at their disposal to pick out and heal a problem, as well as additional properties that kill bacteria on contact – a helpful, natural safeguard in any clinical setting. See the video.

 Patient Stories

Our Regenerative treatments can deliver simply life-changing results. Read our patient stories
to find out more

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 Patient Stories 

Our Regenerative treatments can deliver simply life-changing results. Read our patient stories
to find out more

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All our treatments are highly effective and have been extensively researched. Please click here to see a selection of just some of the clinical papers for more information or read our patient testimonials. To find out how the treatment could help you why not make an appointment with our multidisciplinary team or call 0203 397 0200 for more information.


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